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Dr. Doug Bittel

Comprehensive Care of the Joints,
Muscles and Nerves

Hi, I’m doctor Doug Bittel and when I injured my knee I learned very early in life, that to have outstanding results with injuries and illness, you need comprehensive care. When all else failed, my orthopedist assured me that surgery would “fix” my damaged knee. To make a long story short, even after surgery and physical therapy my knee wasn’t  much better.  It wasn’t until I found a comprehensive treatment program that addressed the structure of the bones, joints, muscles and nerves that my knee returned to normal. Because of my own personal experience, I have dedicated my career to finding and incorporating comprehensive strategies of rehabilitation.  You see if the mechanics and structure of the spine and joints are sub-optimal, no amount of physical therapy or even surgery will provide you with long lasting relief. If the muscles are not functioning the way they are designed to work, no amount of chiropractic (or even surgery) will produce great outcomes for patients. And if the nerves that control the muscles and bones are not doing their job, the best surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapy treatment will produce disappointing results for patients. I know this from personal experience. That is why, for my patients, I evaluate them from this comprehensive perspective, optimizing structure (learn how click here), muscle function (Graston) & nerve function!

Never consider surgery, physical therapy or even standard chiropractic care that is not comprehensive in nature, call me today at 412.381.4453 for a complimentary consultation so we can determine how a comprehensive approach to treatment might benefit you and your family, you’ll be glad that you did! ~ Dr. Doug Bittel You have my word on it.

Precision tools and instruments of Graston techniques are seen in the image to the left. Dr.  Bittel is one of the very few practitioners certified in Graston

Dr. Doug Bittel
Pittsburgh Chiropractic

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