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Dr. Maurice Peerani

Comprehensive Care of the Joints,
Muscles and Nerves

 I’m a Florida boy who graduated from the University of Central Florida, then got my doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. I love learning how to implement gymnastics, evolutionary biology & anything else that has a proven track record to help prevent my mind, body or physiology from whithering away as I age. Functional medicine & functional movement have engrossed me with knowledge to better serve myself, my family & my patients who seek to thrive, not just survive, with our daily lives & obstacles. The results speak for themselves when cases of weight gain & illnesses have risen dramatically over the past 30+ years.  This can only mean that clearly something isn’t working among the masses, no?  

Success is never an accident, nor is failure.  Intention + execution are the keys to that which anyone seeks.  But one also needs the RIGHT information!  It’s much easier to offer recommendations prior to injury or sickness, but there’s a bit more work that needs to be done to address the underlying cause of many conditions after they are diagnosed & wreaking havoc in or on your body.

I like to think of it as “Putting out the fire instead of clearing the smoke.”   

Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. They consist of multi-planar/multi-joint movements, which place many demands on the body's core & supporting musculature, ligaments & cartilage. When functional movement is working optimally, picking up a child, reaching for a dish high in the cupboard, parallel parking, going for a 2 mile walk or just getting out of bed won’t seem as such a painstaking chore, among many other actions!

Functional medicine addresses the problem with our present healthcare system in that it’s more disease management than healthcare.  If a patient has high cholesterol, they’re given a statin in hopes of reducing it (meanwhile, 30%+ of heart attacks are in individuals who are already taking statins). If they have anxiety, they’re given antidepressants.  Many patients with neurological disorders are given anticonvulsants.  There is little to no investigation into what caused the problems to begin with.

Functional medicine focuses on treating the underlying causes (fire) of chronic ailments, (continue >>)

Dr. Maurice Peerani Pittsburgh Chiropractic

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