Comprehensive Care Means Options in Addition to or in Place of Straight Chiropractic

Graston soft tissue manipulation (pictured above) uses specialized tools to treat muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is one of many soft tissue techniques we have to treat problems with muscle and other soft tissue conditions. To treat the bone, but ignore the muscles that move those bones, just doesn’t make sense. When choosing a chiropractor make sure they treat the muscles as well as the bones.

Laser Acupuncture: Combining a 3000 year old system of healing, with 21st century laser technology can produce some amazing healing results. The laser acupuncture techniques we learned in Russia produce such amazing results for us that they are are published in a peer-reviewed medical journal and were presented at a medical conference held at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Call us to find out how they might help you.    

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Scientific Nutrition: Are your vitamin supplements actually making you healthier? We base our nutritional recommendations on blood labs and monitor their effectiveness through blood, urine and hair analysis. Don’t be fooled by kinesiology and other dubious methods, lab results prove the effectiveness of nutritional therapies.   Let us review your labs.


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