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Central Pain Syndrome - Can It Be When The Brain Can\'t Sense Cold, It Feels Pain Instead?
Virtually all pain develops within the periphery following trauma, injury or illness to a body part. In some cases pain is produced in the brain as opposed to in your body. During these rare circumstances your body part might have heeled from its original physical injury, nevertheless the brain will...
New Technology and Help for Those Suffering From Dizziness, Vertigo and Balance Problems
Unsteadiness, frequent loss of balance, dizziness and vertigo can be frightening symptoms that are hard to treat. There are many reasons why a person might feel dizzy or unsteady; the most common of which are inner ear problems, positional vertigo, head injury, eye tracking problems and some less co...
Brain Based Therapy and Tourette\'s Syndrome
Tourette's syndrome is a one of a group of conditions known as movement disorders. As a group, movement disorders are characterized by uncontrollable involuntary movements. We have all seen someone who has struggled with things like tremors. Tremors like Tourette's syndrome, are also a movement diso...
Maybe Fibromyalgia Really Is All-In-Your-Head?
Using some Star wars-like technology, brain researchers have the cause (and more effective treatment) of fibromyalgia in their sights. Let me explain. The pain processing centers called the insula are overly active and hyper-excitable in the brain of fibromyalgia patients. In fibro patients the insu...
Getting Rid of Back and Neck Pain Through Correction of Spinal Balance
Back, neck and spine pain syndromes are some of the most common conditions seen by doctors. Despite billions of dollars in research over the years, no one treatment approach has been proven to be superior to others.

Peripheral Neuropathy treatments in Pittsburgh, our patients tell you in their own words about their treatment here in our Pittsburgh neuropathy clinic. Dr. Kukurin literally wrote the book on com-prehensive neuropathy care. To find out how are state-of-the-art neuropathy treatments may help you, call us for a consultation and records review. 412.381.4453

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