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What Is New in Improving Balance and Preventing Falls?
Loss of balance, dizziness and unsteadiness can lead to dangerous falls, particularly in the elderly. New research into the body's balance network is helping to improve rehabilitation efforts and is improving fall prevention strategies.
Health Care Marketing Series - Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency - Warheads and Missiles
Knowing what works and how well it works is essential for cost effective marketing. The health care practitioner wishing to expand her practice, must know which of her campaigns are producing a healthy return on investment. Intelligent marketing campaigns are impossible without measurements known as...
Hope and Help For People Suffering From Neuropathy - Integrative Neurology
There are only a few drugs FDA approved for the treatment of painful peripheral neuropathy. That is why more and more patients are turning to alternative medicine techniques like low level laser therapy and acupuncture. Integrating diverse alternative medicine procedures with standard medical care f...
Sound Integrated Tactile Stimulation (SITS) - Something REALLY New In Pain Control
New research suggests that it may be possible to switch off chronic pain through techniques that stimulate a part of the brain known as the thalamus. Co-stimulating visual auditory and tactile pathways are promising techniques for chronic pain reduction.
Health Care Marketing Series - I\'m a Hammer, I\'m a Hammer - Understanding the Use of STP
Throughout the last 25 years I've started several professional practices from scratch, and more importantly helped a number of associates, both young and not so young launch successful professional practices. One thing that amuses me is when an associate comes to me all fired up with the next new gr...

Peripheral Neuropathy treatments in Pittsburgh, our patients tell you in their own words about their treatment here in our Pittsburgh neuropathy clinic. Dr. Kukurin literally wrote the book on com-prehensive neuropathy care. To find out how are state-of-the-art neuropathy treatments may help you, call us for a consultation and records review. 412.381.4453

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