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Do Gingko and Vitamin E Have a Role in Management of Diabetic Neuropathy?
Inhibitors of the enzyme Protein Kinase C show potential to reduce or eliminate pain in diabetic neuropathy. The use of natural PKC inhibitors is discussed. What are they? How can they help?
The Low Power Laser and Neuropathy, Something to Get Excited About?
New developments in laser technology are offering exciting new treatment options for patients suffering from neuropathy. Low level laser therapy is emerging as a viable tool to reduce or eliminate burning, pain and numbness associated with damaged nerves. Preliminary research seems to indicate that ...
Health Care Marketing Series - Marketing MIRVs
Using multiple marketing methods in a synergistic way to get a bigger bang for your marketing buck. This article talks about marketing synergy using Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs) as an analogy. It demonstrates how the healthcare provider can use his or her unique selling...
Healthcare Marketing Series - Data Mining - The 21st Century Marketing Gold Rush
This is on how to use data mining and consumer demographics information as a foundation for the development of a scientific research-based marketing strategy. This article shows you how to use existing resources to give your marketing efforts (and you) a competitive advantage.
Health Care Marketing Series - Marketing Strategy Or Whatever Sticks?
Knowing the difference between marketing strategy and marketing execution is essential to create successful and effective marketing campaigns for your small business. Strategy as a military science is centuries old. Do you know how and why you should use it to market your services in today's competi...

Peripheral Neuropathy treatments in Pittsburgh, our patients tell you in their own words about their treatment here in our Pittsburgh neuropathy clinic. Dr. Kukurin literally wrote the book on com-prehensive neuropathy care. To find out how are state-of-the-art neuropathy treatments may help you, call us for a consultation and records review. 412.381.4453

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