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Pittsburgh neuropathy treatment resource page
Zapping Your Pancreas to Help Manage Your Diabetes
Traditional acupuncture has been offered for decades as a potential treatment for insulin resistance and diabetes complications like neuropathy. However, the research on these methods is still limited. Ulloa is optimistic, stating that research has found ...
Research helps elucidate mechanisms behind low-level laser therapy in treating neuropathic pain -
News-Medical.netResearch helps elucidate mechanisms behind low-level laser therapy in treating neuropathic painNews-Medical.netRecent studies performed at the University of So Paulo's Biomedical Science Institute (ICB-USP) in Brazil helped elucidate the mechanisms behind the effect of low-level laser therapy. This research has been conducted a...
Throwing medication at problem may not be best solution
The patient may want help from peripheral neuropathy, sciatic pain ... Well-known for its analgesic effects, acupuncture, which has been around for more than 3,000 years, is best known for effectively treating pain. Multiple studies show it helps by ...
Peripheral Neuropathy Warning - Mint Hill Times
Mint Hill Times
Peripheral Neuropathy WarningMint Hill TimesThe treatment to increase blood flow utilizes a specialized low- level light therapy (not to be confused with laser therapy) using light emitting technology. This technology was originally developed by NASA to assist in increasing blood flow and has ...

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