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Spinal Correction: A Major Breakthrough in Fast, Effective Relief of Neck and Back Pain.

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  ~George W. Kukurin DC DACAN


It takes comprehensive care to produce results like these. After hundreds of courses and tens of thousands of patient treatments over the last twenty years, we think we have something special to offer our patients.  <Read More>

In our opinion, a chiropractor must address the spine, supporting muscles, ligaments discs and nerves to properly correct a patient’s problems. Does a comprehensive approach produce great results? Look at the pictures on this page, because seeing is believing.

We all want pain relief, but correcting abnormal structure will help you age more gracefully.  By improving overall body structure, the stimulus that makes muscles overwork and become tight and painful, can be eliminated. Stress and stains on the discs and joints are relieved, reducing wear and tear on the body.  

So choose your chiropractic care like your health depend on it, because it does!

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